TV Everywhere Experiences (Internal Beta)

Not sure, it's just that all of those channels are Discovery Communications.
Do you get the errors when trying to view/record a channel or are you tring to edit/rescan or add the TVE DVR?

The Drama channel doesn't have a live stream through Hallmark website. Nothing can be done.

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Trying to get them enabled, via the TVE DVR.

You may have to send in logs, see this post just above

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You are not understanding how the TVE works. Go to the following URL and click on WATCH LIVE NOW. You will only see 2 of the channels. TVE actually pulls the TV Stream from web sites like this. So if there is not Web Streaming for a channel then TVE can not stream it (via Chrome Browser). You are thinking of the actual Apps like PS VUE or Directv Now or Sling etc. that do not use the Web Interface.

You're absolutely right.

I honestly thought that if I paid $60/month to Sony for their content that Channels DVR (for another 80 bux a year) could deliver that same content via the PSvue system, but apparently it can't do that. It's disappointing as I realize the limitations of this.

It's disappointing that you didn't read the post that describes how the system works and what channels are supported and still got upset when it worked exactly as it was designed to work.


Right, there are currently a few limitations. As you know you can of course still use the PS Vue Native App for missing Channels. My wife and prefer the Channels UI and local DVR with commercial skip over the limitation but it is personal preference. I do like the PS Vue App MutiView feature so I sometimes I use it for multiple News Channels. Regarding local network channels I use a HDHomeRun OTA which works very well. However, would be nice if they supported that for the regions where available via web UI.

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Sorry that you're disappointed in me. You deserve a full refund.

You can't record anything locally through the PS Vue app. After 28 the shows are deleted on the PS Vue DVR unless the show re airs.

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Mike, is there a good method where I can avoid paying the $80 per year for the channels dvr entirely, and still get all the media without compromises?

Exactly what do you want ... you tried the Channels DVR trial with TVE if it is not what you want then cancel the trial and try something else. You have to understand that you might not get all the channels you want it is up to you to figure out if what they offer is enough or not.


I may be confused with your question. If you do not want to use the Channels DVR just do not pay for it?

If you subscribe to Playstation Vue Video Streaming Service (I think you said $60 per month Elite) you can simply use the Playstation Vue App on a number of hardware platforms. I use Apple TV Box.

There are a lot of streaming services like Playstation Vue that work similar and most have a Cloud based DVR.

Others here simply love the Channels UI and DVR Experience. So this new TVE Feature allows us to bring our TVE Subscripts (like PS Vue) into the mix of sources.

Hope that helps.


FYI Most of the channels are back again on my Spectrum account. I suppose it was a temporary issue. The only channels that i have had before that did not get picked up on a full re-add of the TVE source were:

  • Paramount
  • POP
  • Science
  • TLC
  • HGTV
  • DIY

I will wait a bit and then try them individually.

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I'm also seeing this on Verizon and TLC. HGTV works though, and TLC also works on Cox. I will investigate.

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I wanted to first thank the developers for all the hard work and time spent on constantly improving and making this DVR software the best it can be. I have been using it full-time on my apple tv and android phones and tablet for almost a year I think perhaps longer without any issues.

So I have been using this TVE feature almost since the beginning and have not encountered too many issues. I have had maybe one or two recordings that didn't work but I didn't mind as they were just test recordings and I knew this feature is still in beta. As each beta update is released, I have noticed that most channels now are running smoothly with out any issues.

I'm pleased to see that the fox sports regional networks will be added very soon. great news. hopefully the rebranding of the networks to Sinclair doesn't mess things up too much with streaming. just got to see how that shakes out. only channel now that i would want is mlb network but sadly frontier doesn't support it with a TVE login. its been years now and I'm still waiting.

anyways keep up the great work.


@tmm1 any idea why I’m getting the “not in subscription“ error when trying to add Comcast Xfinity?

@tmm1 Any chance of adding NFL Network support for Spectrum users? The AppleTV4k app works great with a Spectrum login as well as my laptop. Keep up the great work!


For those that are having issues with Discovery channels (HGTV, TLC, FoodNetwork, etc...) do the edit thing and scan them one by one. If you keep removing everything and scanning all you will never get all the channels. It only lets you authenticate to each network like 2 every X hours.

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I finally got all my channels I wanted on XFINITY ... I just waited and never removed the source .. now I have TLC and others I was missing ... this only gets better.

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