TV Land and CMT Gone on TVE?

TV Land is showing missing cdn configurations on multiple sources, yet works on YTTV app. Did they go DRM?

Looks like another one bites the dust.
Same thing happened with the Logo Network channel recently.


I can sign in with my Provider at their live website, but there's no video, just a blank screen other than the lower right corner showing my Provider name and a sign out option.
Tried again with Edge browser instead of Brave and it's playing video.

Yep I run a Scan every morning and it was dropped by my Scan this morning.

missing_cdn_config: Error - Media urls could not be created due to missing CDN configurations for the account.

I noticed this last night also. Do they just need to update the target url??? does anyone know if channels is planning on fixing it in a new release?

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I added TV Land to ADBTuner. All is well. Looks like CMT is also gone. Wonder how many will disappear this year?

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I can confirm that Tv Land and CMT are both gone from TVE.
Added both to ADB Tuner and have them on Fubo and all is good.

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And Nick Jr, another Paramount channel, still hasn't recovered from its technical difficulties.

There are two changes that happened with the Paramount/Viacom networks that the developers have to implement

  1. A while back their video players stopped using the mediautils API. That previous API still worked for everything until the second change started to take effect...
  2. They're in the process of switching dynamic ad insertion providers. The old mediautils API doesn't support the new one, which is why Channels DVR gets the "missing CDN configurations" response on the stations that already switched over like CMT, TV Land and Logo.

Should we expect TVE to be restored?

The broken channels will be removed. It's possible they could be added back but we don't have any ETA or guarantee of that.

Tnx. Resolved for now with ADBTuner.

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I did enjoy Tv Land via TVE but have moved on to feeding channels with other alternatives.
Glad we had some good options.

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They're back.


Working great. Added all back. Thanks for the heads up.

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I love having the stuff back.
Makes it easy for people to get back to enjoying channels.