UI setting to switch between phone/TV layouts

The Android app seems to work well on a Chromebook Pixel but is "stuck" in the phone layout. Having either an option to toggle between the layouts or to have the app specifically optimized for the ChromeOS environment would be great.

Our TV layout is geared more towards remote DPAD navigation and will not really work well on a touch/keyboard device. You're better off with the tablet views which is what you should be seeing.

This would be a useful feature for use on the tv boxes that have a tablet version of android. Channels app seems to work fine, but the interface isn't remote friendly because it wants to run in tablet mode.

We looked into this and it's not easy to do for us. You could look into a true Android TV ROM like https://www.atvxperience.com/

Some people have reported you can use the App Cloner app (appcloner.app) and check "Enable TV Version". I'm not sure if this works with the Channels app though.


Will this possibly work on the Nvidia shield?

The SHIELD is an Android TV device so you don't need to do anything.

But why don't I have the preview box in my guide?

I think you're confused. There's no preview video available in Channels app on any platform.

The preview mentioned by other users refers to the image on the top left.


Not in play store their own site says. That xda post is old, from 2016. long before Google went on thier exodus of removing and not allowing certain apps.