Unable to configure Remote DVR

I’m new to Channels.

My router supports UPnP and I am able to get a Listening on X.X.X.X:8089 message. Likewise the log says “[NAT] Successfully mapped port 8089 using natpmp”

However, if I open https://my.channelsdvr.net I get a: “… refused connection message”.

I’ve also tried to diable UPnP and set ud the NAT manually. This results in a similar result.

I’m running Channels on a Synology NAS. Here I’ve made sure that the Firewall accepts port 8089 incoming TCP from any source.

What am I missing?

Thank you

Please use the port checker to make sure your port-forwarding and firewall settings are correct: Accessing dvr remotely

Thank you. And yes, as I was researching I found this tool in the other thread.

The strange part for me is that using the tool (https://check-host.net/) I can confirm that there is in fact a connection all the way through to my Synology NAS on port 8089. I can even verify that if I block UPnP then there is no connect - just to rule out some other error.

Still, it doesn’t work. What am I missing?

Hmm, I confirmed your DVR is listening. When I try to connect to it, it seems to work fine.

Can you try https://my.channelsdvr.net in a different browser?