Unable to time shift with big buffer

Right now it feels like the best idea would be to setup a DVR with a trial plan. Once you have that working, you could download the Testflight beta app and try it out. Sorry we don't have anything easier than that right now.

@danvan Please search for Channels in the App Store and update to the latest release 5.4.1 and let me know if it's any better.

Thanks, I have updated and will report back

Hi @eric

Same problem unfortunately…

Diagnostics uploaded at

7:35 am
Wednesday, 4 May 2022
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Bummer. Thanks for checking. I'll continue to investigate further.

Thanks @eric - any progress? Cheers

Hi @eric - any joy?

Unfortunately we haven't made any progress yet. It's difficult to identify anything that's going wrong by looking at the diagnostic logs.

I am running into something similar however I don't have to be using it for more than a minute to cause the issue. If I watch OTA channel. Then try to jump back 10 seconds. Instead of going back 10 it is going all the way back to the beginning. Then if I try to jump ahead 30 seconds. It flicks and goes right back to the beginning of the the show. It will never go forward. I tried to do this with the TVE equivalent channel and the seeking forward and backwards seems to work fine. This was with the latest beta version of the app. I tried the released version of the app and this did not happen. My understanding is that once you connect to the OTA channel that all the seeking happens on the Apple TV and not the server side.

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Thanks for the details. Fix incoming in next beta.

Yes Sir. That for sure fixed it for me. I can now time shift on OTA channels again.

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