Using "Local Networks via TV Everywhere"

Perhaps it's been a long weekend already or my brain isn't working today but I can't figure out Local Networks via TV Everywhere.

This afternoon my local ABC station was not usable from the HDHR. Other channels were fine but ABC was breaking up and freezing. So I thought, I'll check the box for Locals via TV Everywhere, and I did.

Looking at the guide from the Admin site, I see my ABC channel as 6001. But for some reason, I can't figure out how to make that channel appear on any of my Shield devices or my iPad. I choose "All Channels" in the Guide but it's not there. The only place I see the TVE version of ABC is in the web guide.

There isn't an additional "Source" listed either, just the HDHRs and my two TVE providers.

Any suggestions?

The channel is being merged into the HDHR ABC in the client's guide. Change the source priority in the client app to prefer TVE, and ABC will appear under channel 6001 instead of your local broadcast channel (i.e. 7.1 or similar).

@racameron -- Thanks. That worked for the iPad but it didn't work for the Shield devices.

On the iPad I adjusted the source priority as suggested. Did the same on the Shield devices. The Shield devices still show the local channel and not the TVE channel.

I then change the priority on the server but the Shields still did not update and have the local ABC not the TVE ABC. I'm going to go and try something else. I'll report back.

On one of my Shield devices, I deleted all of the data for Channels to start over. On the server the Source priority is TVE and then HDHR. I run the Channels client on the Shield and the local ABC is the only one that shows up and the Source pritority is the same as the server (TVE then HDHR).

Weird. Works on the iPad but not on the Shield. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the favorites being local. I confirmed the local ABC is playing by looking at the HDHome run Admin site.

The good news is ABC is back to normal not having issues. I'm reverting everything back to the way it was before I started messing around. Something is up. Not real crazy with this implementation, even if I could get it to work.

For good measure and before I put everything back to the way it was, I rebooted the server, rebooted the Shield and cleared the data again. Still only shows the local ABC and not the TVE ABC. ABC is marked as a favorite via the HDHR Admin site, I should have toggled that, but I've already put the server back to what it was.

Thanks again.