Variable Seek Times

That was only half in jest. I’m in the entertainment industry and I know what’s possible😉

But the limitation of 30 sec is the problem.

I don’t follow. You want it to be more?

Enter the curl command from terminal, a command line on a PC, or after SSH into your NAS and use the ip address of your Synology in place of x.x.x.x

See their support articles to get an idea of what setting you're overriding, Global Client Playback Seek Forward Duration

And if you're not sure it will work, just ask @NetworkGuy I'm pretty sure he's not on the Ad Council :grin:

A tip here for newbies attempting to do this. I spent the longest time in my NAS browser interface looking for a terminal command. I was able to enable SSH in the options but could not find the terminal. Then I realized that what I needed to do on my Mac was to open Terminal and enter the commands there to change the settings in the Channels app on the Synology.

Root access was not needed luckily, and hopefully one of us won’t screw something up by overriding this simple setting on an otherwise great piece of software.