Venting... I seriously hate SiliconDust's Premium TV service


Means absolutely nothing. SD has totally lost the plot. The new UI they've promised is nothing short of a disaster so far. They've spent a year working on it, and now the beta looks like nobody in house ever even tested it once.

I'm very thankful for Channels, because after 3 years I finally came to the realization that when it comes to software, SD simply doesn't know what they're doing.

Add in their lack of ethics, and it's not a company I want to rely on. Tying the release of DRM to the Prime 6, yet refusing to divulge why is unethical. One can only imagine it's because it will save them money when it comes time to get the Prime 6 certified through Cable Labs. If they're interested in saving money that badly to delay a core promised feature for over a year and a half to save money, I'm afraid that says a lot about the state of the company.

I hope I'm wrong in that regard because their hardware is actually very good. It seems they've bit off more than they can chew, however.


It's actually longer than a year and a half. DRM recording was promised when they announced their DVR Kickstarter (as an "extend goal" or whatever term they use). IIRC, that was 4 years ago, back when DRM viewing was available on Mac, Windows and Android. Since that time they completely removed DRM viewing, brought it back first for Windows, then Android, and finally to iOS; macOS isn't likely to get DRM viewing back.

Also, they have no AppleTV app; you can use AirPlay from an iOS device. But, considering the quality of the software UI/UX, would you want to use it anyway?

SD makes fine hardware (mostly), but their software skills leave MUCH to be desired.