Vidgo TVE Added

Post from Vidgo today, they now support TVE for Disney owned channels. Just wanted to share:

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We have not tried it, but it should work with the latest DVR pre-release.

Looks like the VidGo service price has doubled since they launched.

I am doing a Vidgo trial right now... When playing around today, I looked to add a TVE service in my Channels Plus settings, and there was no listing for Vidgo as an available provider to add.

I also checked the individual TVE available providers of several other networks that Vidgo carries, such as NFL Network, Fox and Paramount. And none of those networks' lists of TVE providers included Vidgo at present.

Vidgo has added support for NFL and A&E networks over TVE.

Thanks for the update on that re Vidgo... I just finished a Vidgo trial, and spend some time going thru their channels package and seeing how many of the Vidgo channels would show up in my Channels DVR setup.

When I completed that comparison a few days ago, there were A LOT of the regular cable channels offered in the Vidgo package that still were not showing as available via TVE in Channels DVR. When I did my test, NFL Network was still not avail via TVE then.

Basically, when I looked a few days ago, quite a few of the ESPN-, Disney-, and Fox-branded channels were showing up as TVE in Channels DVR. But for channels outside of those groups, not so much.

But Vidgo does appear to be working on improving their TVE situation, and customer service told me they might have some update soon... And then never bothered to communicate back to me, despite my emailing them back to ask for an update.