Virtual Channel On-Demand

So we have collections but part of the issue I run in to is that its specific to Movies or Shows and with Shows its the whole show or nothing.

With my Virtual Channel as an example I can put in all the Thanksgiving shows to a single location along with movies. While its nice to have the channel it would be nice to also have it make a "on demand" catalog of content to go through as well.

For shows it could show it as a grouping of that show that you open to see the specific episodes or as an individual shows in the list.

What you’re speaking of is more of a Playlist format, which is something we’re investigating to add eventually. It would basically be a collection, but include episodes and movies.

Once in Channels, we would allow you to create a virtual channel with it, just like we do with collections.

Just as an fyi, you can browse the future airings of a virtual channel and play them immediately.

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