Weak Signal overlay on streamed (TVE) content

I am getting a weak signal notice on content that is sourced from a TVE stream.

The entire recordings are showing the overlay throughout… From beginning to end.

Is this by design? what determines a weak signal on a stream?

Shouldn't happen for a TVE stream or recording.
What version app is it. I think these are the latest betas

The client was up to date. The server was running 12.04. Scheduled an update and will test again.

I noticed this one watching NFL on CBS Sunday… Even though I was recording/watching a TVE stream, I kept getting weak signal overlays… Although it was also on local channels, when I switch to local channels, I got the same overlay, but CBS is weak this time of year in my area.

I thought it was odd that I was still getting the overlay, I assumed it was for the actual OTA channel, but instead, it was showing up on the stream as well.

Thanks for your input.

What client device?

Are you referring to the notification at the top right or some other kind of overlay?

Looks like it's FireTV

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