Web UI slow to load

Just wanted to add here that when I was trying to troubleshoot my issue with the Quatro, I also tried the new DVR beta and had the same issue. IO Wait spikes and causes load numbers to spike too.

I'm not sure what causes it, but it went away after I switched back to

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Good to know I'm not alone.
Appears that something in the newer versions causes the web UI to get too 'chatty'.
Not sure what's causing the CPU spikes, but since I closed the browser tab on it about 3hrs ago the CPU usage looks normal. Last spike was right before I closed the browser tab.

What page was that browser window open to?

I did move around some between web UI tabs yesterday,

Trying again today since no recordings scheduled.
At 9am I enabled html logging and updated to pre-release 2021.02.15.1636.
I'm going to leave the web UI open on the settings tab and not mess with it.
Will see what CPU usage looks like.

Have already seen 10 mins of high CPU usage due to guide update this morning, but nothing since then.

Please try the latest pre-release. We found a nasty bug that was causing a TON of repeated network requests.


Tried on all 3 of my Channels DVR Servers and they all show the same Status
Downloading 2021.02.15.2006 update...

Appears it's not downloading on all 3.
They're all stuck at Downloading...
Last thing in the logs is
[SYS] Downloading new version v2021.02.15.2006

After twenty minutes it timed out

[SYS] Error checking for update: context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout or context cancellation while reading body)

Third time's the charm. Was able to update finally.

Looks like you squashed it. No more CPU spiking.
If it comes back again, I'll report here.

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