Is this something that could be added into Channels? or have integration not even webhooks but integrate with Homebridge?

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I’ve been tinkering with Home Assistant, good stuff there, Channels is supported


I would prefer web hooks or a way to directly integrate into Homebridge without setting up an instance of HA.

With new features such as app stmlinks and hardware such as the FP2, Homekit integration without creating elaborate workarounds such as shortcuts will unlock a lot of automation for many.

HomeKit has no accessory type for a media player, so we haven’t bothered to build anything for it like we did for Home Assistant.

Mate I remember that but I am not sure we need granular playback controls, primarily the ability to open the channels app on the Apple TV and select the channel as part of that flow, perhaps as dummy switches.

Shortcuts have limitations. They are not as easily integrable as HomeKit accessories which reduces their ability to participate in broader HomeKit workflows. They can also fail when personal devices are not available or maintained.

Again, as stated, we have zero plans to build a HomeKit integration ourselves as there's no HomeKit accessory that maps to Channels, a media player.

If you'd like to build your own, piggybacking on some other kind of accessory like a light or something, feel free, as the Channels client API is open and documented.