What remote do you use?

Yea i got that One for all remote off ebay for cheap couple years ago.
its terrible. Programming is stupid and just strange.
Did not work for Shield.
Also think its IR only.
I did try it with my Computer and Flirc IR receiver, but it sent same commands for different buttons, and got frustrated with it....gave up.
It sits in a box somewhere with all my other random remotes.

The remote i use on my Shield is a usb wireless backlit remote i got form ebay years ago. The exact model does not exist it seems any more, but there are many like it listed.
I has full keyboard on one side, and normal remote with number pad on the other. clucky, and after a while has issues with it thinking it is double pressing the buttons...but i like it. Rii brand

edit: found a ebay listing for one

It works good the one for all remote. You needed to program it to a device the flirc knows then customize it. Works great. I even have the Netflix button and YouTube button opening the right app with the shield tv 2019

yup...tried that. never got it to work right.
also, the remote was not fully backlit or have a number pad, which is what i really needed for on the fly picture adjustment commands for MPV, my local media player app i use.
The built in keyboard of the remote i use also has come in handy many times, so much eaiser than using the d pad and on screen keybaord to enter in things like logins.

I always wanted a keyboard remote but I never found one I like.

Don't get a keyboard remote. Get a a separate mini keyboard. Everytime my dogs knocked keyboard remote over, button got pushed. While my wife was holding the remote, he fingers on back would smash buttons. Keyboard remote did not pass "wife test". So I have a seperate mini wireless keyboard. Note im referring to the type where keyboard on back and remote on front.


Not sure about other keyboard remotes...I assumed they all worked the same as mine.
I dont have those issues.

What side of the remote that works is dependent on orientation.

If up, dpad/numbers side, the other side with the keybaord is inactive and does not light up or register presses.
Flip the remote over, and it activates the keyboard, de-activating the other side with dpad/numbers.
It has a gyroscope mouse feature, so maybe it uses that sensor to know what direction the remote is at.

I don't have dogs, but have dropped, or had the thing fall down my bed or desk side...and it only sometimes presses on one side of the buttons, as would ANY remote that got mishandled.

We use the AppleTV remotes...we use the voice feature way too much to switch remotes.

@Edwin_Perez I’ve never seen that remote before- does it scroll through the different devices using that toggle near the top?

Yes... You set it up on your smartphone or tablet. It supports up to 15 Devices.

Sofabaton U1: The All in One Universal Remote Control

Okay cool… I’m gonna have to look into getting it

Which flirc are you using? Id like to try one out on my shield since it has a hub already, and if I like it I'll get another hub for the Chromecast.

Are there two different ones? I’m not sure but I’m using the only one you can order.

If you would like one I have a couple I am looking to sell now that the Spectrum remote is here

So I bought the Onn UHD streaming device for the remote. And possibly to try the streamer one day.

Remote is nice. Paired it to Chromecast and all buttons work except the 4 app buttons on the bottom, the settings key, and the input key. Button mapper couldn't map the buttons. I'm satisfied with it.

The Kickstarter for the Sofabaton X1 just opened today in case anyone is interested. It has quite a few upgrades over the U1.


Saw that but it has one big drawback no number pad ... so Prefer the old one.

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