Win10 Startup as Service - DVR and PlutoTV Docker

I'm in the process of setting up a 2nd Win10 Channels DVR Headless Server for relatives - I believe that the new Channels DVR installer can setup the program to start as a service - but can anyone tell me how to start the Pluto Docker in the Docker Desktop automatically without requiring a login?

Windows docker requires you to be logged on in order to work ... there are hacks around that might get it to run as a service,

this is one of the hacks ...

How to Run Docker Daemon as a Windows Service (

Why not simply use this?


+1 for the non-docker version.

Since I switched to the non-docker version, I don't have to worry anymore about restarting docker, Pluto TV just works as soon as the server is back up and running.

Thanks! I did not know about this - also added Stirr channels