Wrong ABC feed listed which doesn't Play

Added my YoutubeTV TVE logins to channels after dumping comcast.

I'm in the Hartford, CT Market, and logging in at ABC directly using my YTTV login credentials gives me access to both the Hartford and the NYC ABC live feeds.

But in TVE Setup, it lists the wrong affiliate, Utica, NY. And it doesn't work. I am getting this error:
abcgo: 1037:Unable to retrieve required files for playback. Please try again in a few minutes.

I've tried a few times over several days and this is all I get. Everything else is working. Other ABC/Disney channels also work fine.

Try toggling the checkbox for Experimental Local Networks on the dvr admin web UI.
That's how to rescan local TVE channels.

If that fails to work, submit diagnostics from the dvr server and let the devs know what call sign you should be getting. Most likely WTNH NEW HAVEN

Sometimes when you're close to two DMA's it causes issues like that.

Thanks, I did that prior as it wasn't picking up my CBS Affiliate originally as well.

have sent diags and sent an email in.

Sent in the diags, sent an email, and crickets...

tested again today and still getting WUTR and not WTNH or WABC like I can get directly.

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