14TB HDD sale is back

Best Buy 189.99 for 14TB deal is back.


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Incredible price, for lots and lots and lots of storage :slight_smile:

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I now have 3 in my Synology 1019+ :slight_smile:

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Is there an easy way to find out if that is a NAS specific HDD inside that thing? If so, I would shuck it in a heartbeat.

I just did some research and everyone on the interwebz have confirmed that these are in fact white label red drives.

I was getting ready to buy a couple of these and decide to look up some reviews. After reading for the past 30 minutes I don't think these drives are reliable enough to spend that much money on them. Even the 4 star Amazon reviews have a lot of problems.

4.7 stars at Best Buy is not good?

Whenever I see an overwhelming number of positive ratings and almost no bottom ratings, I don't trust them. 9 ratings of 1 out of 429 reviews just doesn't seem very likely. I'm just cynical I guess!!!

After there debacle previously with SMR drives being sold as NAS/Red, the introduction of "Red Plus" NAS drives, and the way in which WD handled the situation, I won't be purchasing, nor recommending, WD drives any longer.

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Fair enough.

I bought one. Works great. :man_shrugging:

Yea, I only buy the ones where everyone says they are trash drives.

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