1st Time(er) Synology NAS Setup

First off let me say, that we've never used a NAS b4, let alone set one up. We're looking to use this mostly as our (primary) Ch's DVR-server; but would like to leave open the option to use it as part of our home-security system. [We have a system now but were thinking of upgrading to one that's not as dependent on the cloud/internet]. Since we've never used a NAS b4, we're not aware of all its capabilities & would possibly like to leave open options for additional uses.

(While researching a UPS to use w/ the NAS) I came across a compatibility list on Synology's site & couldn't find our (new) HDD's {WD Red-Plus (model)# WDBAVV0100HNC-WRSN} we bought. I'd felt comfortable ordering them considering they were CMR & labeled as 'NAS drives'. I was wondering if I should have any issues using them in our DS218+?

The main reason we bought a NAS (as mentioned in a previous post: Need help getting DVR working (again)) was to increase our storage capacity for 'Channels' (DVR), since it's used by a # of people in our household. What I'm hoping to do is set up the NAS as our primary DVR & then use 1 of our (Nvidia) Shields (w/ an Ext.HDD) as our secondary (DVR). In addition I'd like to transfer our old (Ch's DVR) recordings over (from the WD Ext.HDD [4TB] connected to our Shield) to the NAS as long as there isn't any (noticeable video or audio) degradation of the recordings. Also setup the NAS w/ redundancy (either RAID1 or SHR-1) & the option of hooking up an Ext.HDD {Seagate 8TB} to the NAS for backing up recordings in case we run out of space (again).:upside_down_face:

With all that being said, here is what we have to work with:

  • NAS: DS218+ {2 x Red_Plus[10TB] #WDBAVVo1ooHNC-WRSN}
  • Ethernet Switch {Monoprice: 24-port Gigabit}
  • (Cable) Modem/Router (2-in-1 unit) {DOCSIS 3.0}
  • HDHR: Prime
  • Tuning Adapter {Cisco: STA1520}
  • (possible) Ext.HDD(8TB) {Seagate Backup Plus Hub}
  • Nvidia Shield {16gb[2015]}
  • Ext.HDD (4TB) {WD: USB_3.0}
  • AppleTV {4k-32gb}
  • 3 x AndroidTV Boxes {Shield, MiBox, TS4K}

In the process of researching this topic, I discovered my-doodads.com thanks to previous posts by scott784 on this forum. But I still have some questions:

  1. Should our WD Red_Plus HDD's (#WDBAVV0100HNC-WRSN) be compatible w/ the DS218+?
  2. Should we notice any degradation (i.e: video or audio quality) if we transfer/copy our recordings from our (WD 4TB) Ext.HDD to our NAS?
  3. We'd like to set it up w/ redundancy initially but would like the option of adding an ext.HDD to offload some recordings & free up space on the NAS.
    a. Is this possible?
    b. (If so,) is it difficult?
    c. Is there anything I would need to do during initial setup in order to allow for that in the future?
  4. How 'grounded' do I need to be b4 handling the HDD's & the NAS?
  5. Do I need to 'prepare' (format/reformat) the HDD's or will the NAS do that automatically?
  6. How much space do I need (to have) available to "Save a new (DVR) Database Backup"?
    [We're 99.9% full on our Ext.HDD (that's connected to our Shield), & would like to know how much we need to erase (in order to backup our DVR Database)?]
  7. RAID1 vs. SHR-1, pros & cons of both?
  8. Any (specific) things I should do during the setup if it's going to be used (primarily) as a 'Channels' DVR Server?
  9. Approx. how much time should I set aside for the whole process?

Is there anything else I should take into account (that I haven't mentioned)?:woman_facepalming:
Please forgive me :pray: for (all of) the dumb/naive questions. I sort of feel like I don't even know enough to know what are the right questions to ask.:confused:

I have a 218+ with two WD red 3tb hds setup with Raid. I run 5 cameras, store several hundred gigs of movies and run the Channels DVR without any problems. I have 4 apple tvs (3 are wifi and 1 is hard wired) and can run all four simultaneously without any problems. My only regret is that I did not buy larger drives. I am looking at 8tbs as soon as I get my stimulus money.

Thanks for your reply.
Since you have experience setting up a NAS, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering some of my biggest concerns?

(If our HDD's {WD Red_Plus} are new in the box) Do we need to 'prepare' (format/reformat) them in any way before we slide them into our NAS?

Is there anything I should do (specifically) relating to running our NAS as a "Channels" DVR_Server during the setup process?

Would appreciate any feedback.

(Unfortunately I'm the most tech-savvy person in my household, but) I don't have much experience setting up computers (other than a few laptops), let alone any type of server.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

No, the Synology will take you through the process of formatting the drives and building the array.

Not during setup, but you will want to set up a dedicated “shared” folder on the NAS once it’s up and running before installing the Channels package. You’ll then point Channels to that folder. And of course if you’re restoring from a backup that’s where you’ll copy your current directory structure over, etc.

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Thanks for the advice & clarification.:ok_hand:
I likely would have installed 'Channels' b4 I created a folder.

But 1 other thing I'm still uncertain of is whether it's necessary to use a Anti-Static WristBand or Mat while 'installing/loading' the HDD's or should I be fine as long as I'm not on carpet & wearing rubber soled shoes? (Please forgive my dumb/naive questions :roll_eyes:)

Pretty simple.
You want to avoid static charges.
Use a kicthen counter to place the Synology and drives on.
Plug the Synology into a power outlet to ground it, but don't turn it on.
Stand barefoot and install the drives.
Unplug the Synology and put it where you want it installed.

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Your drives will be in plastic cradles that just slide in no worries of static unless you have been rolling in a carpet b/4 you install. I run two Channels servers on my DS720+ one in docker and one native to Synology and 4 Apple TV's from them. Also use it as a nightly backup for computers. Plus the Emby server is running but not used often. One channel dvr for all the sources in docker and the other one runs the m3u files from the docker dvr. I get my custom channel numbers that way. If you do the barefoot thing don't stand in a puddle.

Thanks for both of your advice, I don't feel as apprehensive now. :relieved:

Do either of you (or anyone else) know how much space I need (to have) available to "Save a new (DVR) Database Backup"?

Or how long I should expect it to take to transfer [from our Shield (w/ USB 3.0 ext.HDD) through a Gigabit Switch to the NAS] our recordings? [We have nearly 4GB of just (Ch's) Recordings!]

Edit: Failed to catch this earlier, [We have nearly 4GB of just (Ch's) Recordings!] meant to say 4TB not GB! :blush:

It should not take long 4 GB is not much data. But setting up and the formatting of the drive will take a wile. I did it as a newbie to NAS and Synology and I got through it just fine. You are going to love your Synology it's worth every penny and runs channels dvr very well.

As far as a new database backup, that should only be a few megabytes. My largest is less than 4MB.
You can look at the daily backups Channels DVR does on your existing DVR to get a better idea.

As far as how long to transfer your recordings over, that depends on how you do it and I know nothing about a Shield.

Thanks 4 the input. Sorry I didn't respond sooner (I had some personal business that I couldn't postpone).
I'm curious how long did the entire setup take you?
I noticed on your profile that you have 2 x 4TB HDD's. Are those the drives you used for initial setup?

Thanks for answering my question (re: the 'new' DataBase Backup), we're relieved we don't have to erase more shows. :relaxed:

[Sorry I didn't get back to U sooner (I had some personal business that I couldn't postpone).]

Update: I finally found some time to tackle 'setting up' our NAS. But it's a lil' more complicated than I anticipated. So b4 I make a mistake (I'll regret) I figured I'd ask U (& anyone else in the Community whose knowledgable @ using a Synology NAS as a Ch's DVR_Server): What are the most important things to Do & 'Not Do' during "initial Setup"?
[Mainly I'm worried about making mistakes (during initial Setup) that will be (very) difficult to correct down the road.] :worried:

Setting up the Synology or setting up Channels DVR?
I depends on how you want to setup your Synology.

I think the most important for the Synology is figure out how you want the storage setup.
What if you want to expand by adding an external enclosure DX517 and more drives, what raid levels and filesystems support that. Will any Synology packages you install require a certain filesystem like btrfs, etc.

In my case I chose a single volume using all 5 drives in an SHR raid formatted as ext4.
I then created a shared folder on the volume to use for Channels DVR.
I also have other shared folders I created on the same volume for other things.

You can use the Synology raid calculator to see what your usable storage will look like and if you click on the Raid Type link it explains the different levels. https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/RAID_calculator?hdds=10%20TB|10%20TB

First-time NAS Installation & Setup Guide | Synology on You Tube

Thanks for the prompt reply.
re: "initial Setup", I was referring to the Synology. (sorry I wasn't more clear) :slightly_frowning_face:

We'd like to set it up w/ Redundancy but (ideally) would like the option of off-loading recordings when we run out of space. [Currently we have a Seagate Backup Plus Hub {Ext.HDD-8TB} that we could use for that purpose.]
a. Is this possible?
b. (If so,) is it difficult?
c. Is there anything I would need to do during initial setup in order to allow for that in the future?

Also, (BTW) thanks for the links.

There are a lot of resources out there on the web, but it takes patience to sift through them.
You may want to contact Synology Support directly for all your Synology specific questions.

Synology America Headquarters
3535 Factoria Blvd SE, Suite #200,
Bellevue, WA 98006, USA

Main#: (425) 818-1587 9AM-4PM, Monday-Friday, PST

Support#: (425) 296-3177 24/7 including holidays

Website: https://www.synology.com/en-us/support

Yes, Channels has an option to specify additional storage paths, which would allow you to offload some of your content to a second disk and Channels would be able to find it. I would recommend redundancy as well as as much size as you can afford. It’s always more complicated to expand later.

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Thanks 4 the info. :+1:
Re: 'offloading' recordings to an Ext.HDD connected to the NAS, (to your knowledge) is there anything I need to do during inital setup (of the NAS) so we have that option down the road?

(Ok please forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I've searched here & googled it : )

If we're moving our (Ch's) DVR_Server from a Shield to a NAS; once we've set it up (the new DVR_Server) on the NAS will we be able to use our DVR (& record) while we're still transfering/copying our 'old recordings' over? Or do we have to wait till that's completed?

(The reason I was wondering was b/c based on further research, I estimate it'll take approx. 20hrs to transfer. And I was trying to plan for how much downtime we would have w/o our DVR.) :slightly_frowning_face: