2 HDHR Duo same antenna gets different channels?


I have an HDHR Connect Duo. It receives 77 OTA channels. Works great. I just added a second Duo to the same OTA antenna and when I scan for channels on the new Duo, it finds only 16. Is Channels simply not showing duplicate channels?

Thanks ahead of time!


Huh that's strange. What does it show on my.hdhomerun.com


Thx for the quick reply. I’ll be back home tomorrow afternoon and will check and get back to you then


Just retuned home. The HDHomeRun run URL shows both tuners however now one tuner (the original) shows 77 channels and the new, 30 (channels app on AppleTV also shows these numbers). I don’t know if it’s significant but my DVR shows 114 and 77


You can click Scan directly from my.hdhomerun.com and see how many it finds. If they don't match that sounds like a hardware issue and you should contact [email protected]


Nuts, I was afraid you’d say that. I just sent an email to SD.

Thx for the help