2 ISP 2 Houses and a joined network


I'm looking at trying to maybe connect two houses networks together using a wireless bridge. While still having an ISP at each house. Would channels be able to stream well doing this, meaning would I be able to use "Home" streaming instead of "Remote" streamin? Below is a concept that I was thinking of using.

The reason I would want to try this is because the Upload speeds in my area aren't the best and I would want to stream to multiple tv's at once in the 2nd house without having skipping or long buffering. I would also use it for other purposes but this would be a main reason for doing it. Has anyone tried this yet?



If you maintain a tunnel between the sites (such as an IPSec site-to-site tunnel), and have proper routing tables at both ends of the tunnel, I don't foresee a problem. Just keep in mind that broadcast packets by default do not traverse subnet boundaries, so you'll need to keep the Channels DVR server on the same subnet as the HDHR tuners. (You may be able to get around this by manually adding/specifying the IP address of your tuners in Channels DVR. Another workaround may be to use a UDP broadcast relay on the router to send broadcast packets to/from the HDHR tuners across all the subnets that are of interest.)

As long as the tunnel is up and the routing is handled properly, I can't see any problem. Both sites will see each other as being part of the same local LAN.


That doesn't solve the OPs reason for building this, however, bc the IPSec tunnel works over the ISPs, which still have a slow upstream.

I think OP was asking about a wireless bridge like the ubnt airFiber line. Such a wifi bridge is possible, but in order to get the bitrates you will need becomes very expensive.

How far apart are the houses? Maybe could be accomplished with regular ethernet.


Ah, I was thinking only one upstream connection as impacted. In case both are, something like an AirFiber or other type of WISP backhaul equipment would be the best bet.


It would be about 400ft and over a road so I was thinking wireless would be the best bet. I was thinking about maybe using something like this:

Think this will keep up with the bitrate I would need?


Would something like this be better?

Would the 11 Ghz allow for a better bit rate through put?


I don't have direct experience with connecting multiple buildings over wifi, but either of those ideas should work well. You will need an antenna at each building, with a clear line of sight between each.

When I once lived in a house that was in a neighborhood development. 2 different neighbor's houses across the street were connected with ethernet. This was accomplished by burying cat5 in the front yard, running through the sewer (a remote-control car was used), and back up to the house directly across the street. We had a hub at each end to boost the signal. Then from that house, another run was done sideways through the back yard to the house next door. That was before the days of gigabit, but we were able to get a 100mbps full-duplex connection to all 3 houses.


11Ghz is licensed and would be overkill. Since you are going such short distance the other radios that are I licensed should work fine and a sufficient speed to stream with the home option.


@smswings14 400ft is nothing if you have line of sight, I use NanoBeam AC's but you could get away with the cheaper NanoStation AC Loco.


I agree. I set up my neighbor with the tp-link CPE-510. He is about 1400 feet off the road where the second building is located. We get great speed between the buildings. I think we were getting close to the advertised speed. It's been running for several years now with no problems.

At my house we have a better setup. My wife's office is close to the road and our house is about 750' away. Fortunately both buildings are served by the same well so we had to trench the water line between the two buildings. This gave me the opportunity to run fiber between the 2 buildings. We get solid 1 gig transfers for backups etc between the 2. Also the cable company wanted $3,600.00 to run internet to my house! Cheap compared to the natural gas company at $11,000.00! Needless to say we didn't do either of these.