2 OTA channels show no Guide info


Just getting things set up. There are lots of channels in the guide with their program info, but two are in the grid with no program info. They tune in live if selected. One of these, WESH-DT 2.1 is the primary channel I would like to record. Is there something I can do to get the programs to display in the grid? (HDHR will display what's upcoming - so the info is out there somewhere)

Alternately, is there a way to manually set recording times for something not selectable from the grid?


Is WESH-DT possibly in another market? E.g.: We're in the Detroit market, and the guide populated with all the Detroit market stations. But we also get a Canadian station across the river in Windsor, Ontario, CBET, and a couple Toledo stations if the weather gods are smiling. I had to manually add the guide info for those markets.


Open the DVR web UI, then click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR. This will load in any missing data based on the guide mappings in the official HDHR app.


tmm1: Thanks. I had already tried that with no change. However, and for whatever reason the problem is now fixed. Perhaps I just needed to wait. Thanks again


jseymour: Thank you for the reply, I understand your question. My problem seems to have fixed itself, however, could you get me started as to how to manually add guide info, as that is something I may want to do in the future