2 Tuners and Channel Surfing on Apple TV

I've got a 2 tuner SAT>IP box and using Channels on the Apple TV 4K. I've linked an m3u file and restricted it to 2 streams on the setup, I'm guess this represents the two tuners on my box.

When I'm recording something or when there's only one tuner free, if I channel surf I see "stream limit reached" and basically need to go back to the channel or select from the guide - I'm guessing to release the tuner from the previous channel.

Is there any way to release this more quickly to be able to channel surf if recording/using the other tuner?

Can you submit diagnostics from the app after seeing this error

Just done.


Annoyingly had to restart the DVR server as it wouldn't stop detecting commercials on a recording where there are no commercials, even when I switched it off on the video and deleted the recording!

Sorry you said the app didn't you. I've just sent it from the Apple TV app, above was for server.

Did you need any more info on this? Wondered if you had any update.

@tmm1 this keeps happening for me - do you need any more logs?

You could try removing the stream limit on the custom source.

Weird. Yes that did it. Thanks