2012 mac mini i5 vs i7

Hi everyone, just to give some background I have been using the 2011/2012 mac mini background for about 6 months now. Previously was using a RP4. Both my 2011 and 2012 mac mini have the i5 processor and as expected have netted nearly identical performance when used as a DVR. I am currently using the 2012 model for my DVR and 2011 for personal use.

Since these mac minis are relatively inexpensive these days I was contemplating swapping out the 2012 i5 for the 2012 i7 model. The i5 model is 2-cores, 4 threads. The i7 model is 4-cores, 8 threads. It should be noted that I have had zero performance issues with my current setup but I find myself using the DVR more and more as time goes on, including more and more local content and custom live streams.

I really have two questions:
-Can the i7 model be used to enable more threads for commercial skip? (Currently can only select 1 with the i5)
-Can the channels DVR software even make use of the additional cores that would be available with the i7?


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I too have the i5. Curious why it can only so 1 thread for commercial skip since it has 4. My RPi4 could select up to 3 threads for this.

IIRC The number of threads comskip uses is limited by the number of CPU CORES.
Doesn't matter if the CPU is hyperthreaded or not.
Not sure if it will utilize HyperThreading, mixed messages on their support forum.
A dual core processor will only allow setting 1 in Channels DVR.
A quad core processor will allow setting 1-3 in Channels DVR.
Each comskip thread fully utilizes 1 CPU CORE.
So a setting of 1 thread will use 50% CPU on a dual core.

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I'm pretty sure it does use hyperthreading. I have a quad core NUC with HT and channels shows 7cores available

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I have a 2011 i7 Mac Mini Server and I use 2 cores without issue. This Mac Mini is server a lot of things and everything is running smooth. I can select 3; but never tried it. I have not really seen a reason too.