2018 iPad Pro playback issues (UK)


Still not resolved with latest updates ;(


No one has sent me a sample dvr recording as requested. All my USA recordings play just fine and I don't have a UK recording to test with.


I am uploading a recording to iCloud Drive as we speak. Will send over the link asap.


Heres the link: https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0AKyCz_ukOaDG8q-RSFHdMOYw#Coronation_Street_2019-04-22_2019-04-22-2029


Thank you very much!

I am seeing the same issue with this recording on my iPad Pro. It shows the spinner and then the app freezes and gets unresponsive.

I will work on a fix for our next release and let you know when it's in beta.


This should be fixed in the latest beta. You can get it by clicking the link on getchannels.com/beta on your iPad.


Brilliant! Just out of interest, what was the issue?


Do we know when this will be out of Beta?