2018 iPad Pro playback issues (UK)



So since I have upgraded my iPad to the new iPad Pro I have been having playback issues where programmes will take at least 3 or 4 minutes to start playing with just the buffering icon in the middle Of a black screen. This is playing locally over WiFi. I didn’t have any playback issues on my previous iPad Air 2 and have no issues on my iPhone XS Max or Apple TV (both over WiFi). I have not looked through the logs yet but can post them if needed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Strange, no issues on my new iPad here. Are you sure it's connected to the same Wi-Fi network?


Yes same WiFi.


Is your iPad set to use original quality or something different? Sounds potentially like a transcoding issue to me.


Yeah that’s what I thought too but I’ve compared the settings within the app to the settings on my iPhone and they’re both the same. When checking the logs on the server, it doesn’t show any transcoding starting when playing on my iPad.


Do you have a email address I can send a screen recording of the issue to? Even with the latest app update the issue is not resolved.


Sure, [email protected]

Have you tried the speedtest button on the settings tab? What does it say?


I have the same problem on the latest iPad Pro. Connected to WiFi with 80Mbs speed test, doesn’t stream recordings at all... Live TV works fine. Everything working on both my AppleTV 4Ks, and usually from the Mac also...


@tmm1 please can you address this as I am also still having issues. Doesn’t work on WiFi but will work on 4G


Are you both in the UK?


I live in the US and I have video play back issues (video studders) with my iPad Pro (2018, 12.9”). I have an iPad Air 2 beside me that plays fine, obviously setup the same and on the same WiFi network. Pro played fine until recent updates were installed.

Any ideas on how to fix?



What kind of HDHomeRun?

I'm trying to figure out if this is specific to h264 channels or not.


I am in the UK and have issues when playing back recordings on the iPad Pro. My partner has a iPad Air 2 which plays them back perfectly. If I switch to 4G on my iPad Pro they play back. I have send a screen recording of the issue previously.


I’m not sure the HD Homerun has anything to do with it but mine is a Homerun connect


Can you send me one of the recording mpg files which is having a problem? Upload to google drive and email the link to [email protected]?

I'm seeing one issue here in the US with h264 channels where the screen will appear gray for a few seconds and then video starts playing that seems to be new in iOS 12.2, but I can't reproduce the issue you're describing with a blank screen and spinner.

What version of iOS? Have you tried updating to 12.2?


I’m on the latest version of iOS, it looks to me like the application is crashing if you’ve seen the screen recording I sent in you’ll see what I mean. The app will either get stuck with the spinning circle or will go to load then completely freeze meaning I have to force quit the app and Restart it.

I can upload one of the files if you wish.


Having one of the recordings would let me make it happen on my iPad Pro, then I can attach the Xcode debugger and figure out what's going on.


Yup both my wifes ipad pro and mine both 2018 and latest ios and channels not playing either recordings or live tv...i can use infuse to access the recordings and it plays no problem, been no change to settings etc ..ps london uk


Ps...just thought to test iphone xs max and play a recording on same network and settings and it wirked immediately !!


Yep looks like there’s a issue here guys. I’ll upload a recording at the weekend but would like this resolving ASAP.