2019 Shield Pro no screen saver?

I have Shield 2019 Pro and a 2017 and when I pause Channels I never get any screen saver. Am I missing a setting somewhere to enable this? I get paranoid with my 77 OLED.

No, the Channels video player disabled the screen saver on Android devices. (Never left it paused long enough on iOS to know if it is the case there, too.) That is the expected behavior.

Um what???

On both my 2019 Shields, the screen WILL switch to the Chromecast screensaver thing after a while of something being paused. After a while of that, it goes to sleep and my monitor shuts off/goes to sleep mode. Does it in all apps, even Channels. I have mine set for 30 min, and sleep after 1.5hrs.

I am constantly getting interrupted watching something, so long pauses are very frequent for me. THough, i do make use of Google Home if i know i am walking away for a while and just say Ok Google, Turn off Shield. ...and it goes to sleep, paused or not.

Well, on the FireOS version of Android, the screensaver is disabled while viewing.

If I pause a show or recording and walk away for 5-10 minutes there si no screen saver. Let me see what the overall Shield is set at, I thought 5 minutes. My old Xfinity DVR was great and kicked in a screen saver very quickly.