2020.02.11.1348 missing channel icons

Channel icons in the guide view are no longer showing up once updating to 2020.02.11.1348, specifically local channel icons.

working fine for me, on both servers i have.

Just upgraded as well. Channel icons are fine for me (web, iOS and Shield).

TVE icons are fine, but just my OTA locals are missing

I've also lost all guide data for OTA locals

Restart the DVR on your PC. Click the system tray and select Exit. Click Start Menu and type Channels DVR to start it back up.

Pressing the refresh button on my OTA source and re-downloading the entire guide (twice) appears to have fixed it

Mine seemed to be fine too after the upgrade today, however, I did notice during this upgrade that on the DVR settings page the "checking for updates" button was stuck greyed out and spinning. Refreshing the page indicated that the update was actually done (I waited a few minutes to see if the status would change) - previously I feel like the server status refreshed on its own...?

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but, I started use the beta today, I did an update to Version
2020.02.11.1348 and now I am disconnected from my channels DVR going through web remote, I can connect with the my my. channelsdvr .net but lost the web remote. Maybe it's just the DNS need to be updated. So just checking to see if anyone else have this problem. again, i think it may be DNS.

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