30 Second Seek Forward Hit or Miss

Using Apple TV Channels Version 5.6.7 with latest version of Apple TV. The 30 second forward seek is buggy for me. Most of the time it doesn't work. If I hold down the seek button it will FF. It doesn't matter if it is a recording in progress or completed. Also it happens even when commercial detection is completed. The 7 second skip back works just fine but I really need the 30 second seek forward to work with football season coming up. Thanks. BTW Channels rocks

Could you provide any more details about what exactly you’re watching that isn’t seeking correctly?

There’s been no reported issues with seeking forward and nothing has changed with it for years.

Is it not working at all or is it slow? If it’s slow, it sounds like you’re battling a slow network and it’s taking a while to buffer the content to your streaming device.

The next time you experience this, submit diagnostics from the Channels app so we have more information.

I am watching recordings that are completed on a Synology DS218+ with 6 gigs of ram using an Apple TV 4k with a 100/1000 ethernet. When I do a speedtest using the Apple app I get a solid 500 mbps. I know that is internet speed but I just threw it out there. I believe it is not a slowdown. I have three other TV's using firesticks that work just fine. I just submitted my logs via my PC. Thanks

Please submit logs from the Channels app after experiencing seek issues.

Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics

Will do

Thank you so much for your help. I restarted my Apple TV and everything works now. Thanks again. You can close this topic.