4:3 ratio picture for a virtual channel

How do I go about making a 4:3 ratio picture for a virtual channel?

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Can you explain further? If the signal is 4:3 it will show that way. Do you have stretching turned on in Advanced Playback settings?

I think this is what he meant.
Virtual channel logo image

Image URL

Provide a URL to an image for the network logo for your channel.

Protip: Check out TheMovieDB as a great source of clear art for your network logos.

Channels uses 4:3 aspect images for network logos. Channels expects these sizes and your Virtual Channels’ network logos may look wrong unless you provide an image with the correct aspect.

It shouldn't make a difference.

You mean it doesn't have to be a 4:3 aspect ratio image?

I'm not sure what you mean, lol. It doesn't have to be any specific ratio.


I thought you meant the video.

Just make an image that is 640x480.

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Yes, The logo. I guess I can use MS Paint to make this happen.

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The Protip in that support article says Check out TheMovieDB, but points to fanart.tv

Fixed, it should be Fanart.TV. They have lots of useful clear logos.


I've had good results searching Google Images too.
You can filter to only show pics that are icon-sized. And that have transparent backgrounds.
Save, edit if necessary, have fun with it...

"Medium" size has some good results for 16:9 aspect ratio too (for Library Collections.)


I think this may be somewhat related to this topic. But is there a way to use a local file location as opposed to a url for the virtual channel logo. Maybe that is a silly question, but I did do a search of the forum topics and couldn't really find the answer.

Not presently. However, uploads for movie/series/episode artwork was just added for custom metadata edits, so perhaps this feature won't be far behind.

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You can upload logos now:

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Uploaded images dont show on Android Clients play store app. If I use a weblink they show up but not uploaded. The beta android app is showing uploaded images on my shield.

Yes, the update has not been released yet with that change.

I'm not seeing Local Artwork showing up on the iPad client. Doesn't look like it is on AppleTV either.

I'm assuming there is an update planned in the future so that logos for Virtual Channels and Movie Collections will show up on those platforms?

Go to the App Store and install the update