4K FiOS support?

Since products like the Shield and Mi Box S support 4k, are there any plans to support 4k broadcasts on FiOS as Fox Sports is currently broadcasting the World Cup?

Tivo Bolt boxes are compatible via CableCARD. Is this something the SD Homerun Prime is capable of streaming since it's all just data?

Yes, the Prime can stream 4K content. Over at the SD forums there is discussion about this.

I believe since Channels video player is based on VLC (please correct me if I'm wrong), it shouldn't have a problem with the (most likely) H.265/HEVC video streams.

Please note though: not all 4K content is available over cable for FiOS; most of the 4K content comes via IPTV, and not cable.

Sure, I definitely understand about the difference with Cable and IPTV, but folks using the Tivo Bolt, which is only CableCARD, have been receiving the 4K channels and able to view/record. I wasn't sure if Channels could handle that (great to know it might) and what, if any steps, I might need to take. Thanks!

Well, I guess I could have just tried to tune in, which I just did. 1498 and 1499 only show up under "all" on Channels instead of "HD"...so maybe that could be changed. I do indeed see the slate for today's upcoming matches at 12pm ET. I'll have to see if it comes in then!

The 4k channels aren't marked as "HD" by the HDHomeRun, so that's why they're not set as HD.

We've checked this out and these channels do indeed play. Not without hiccups though. Apple TV 4k drops some frames, but the Shield plays them back ok.

This is early and something really new for us, so we'll be investigating what we need to do to make playback better soon.


Thank you so much!! I was able to add these channels as Favorites so I can access them without going the the "All" list everytime. I have a Shield and yes, they play pretty well!! Exciting development.

I just found out today that I've had the ability to play these channels for over a year! I fired up the World Series on my Apple TV and sure enough, there it was in stunning 4k.

I did see the dropped frames you mention on the Apple TV though, was any investigation ever done in regards to that?

Now that broadcasts have started again on this channel we just started looking at it again.


Any updates here? Would love for this to be stable before the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl won't be in 4K this year. CBS is doing the Super Bowl broadcast and they don't have 4K tech.

It was in 4K last year because FOX did the broadcast and they routinely do 4K broadcasts.

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Bumping this topic - fox sports 4k channel has like 4 events today! I can confirm that Fios 4k channel is still dropping frames on ATV4k.

EDIT: Just to compare: HDHomeRun app has fewer dropped frames on FIOS 4k channels.

Unclear what, if anything, ATV4K would do with HLG HDR on those channels. Also unclear if the broadcast is even using HDR or not.

EDIT 2: I don’t have channels for Android TV, but I do have a CCWGTV and HDHOMERUN app seems a little better there than on ATV4K. I can also confirm that HDHOMERUN app is engaging HLG on CCWGTV on the Texas A&M - Colorado game. No HDR on ATV4K.

The original 4K Apple TV can’t handle those streams. They’re 4K 60.

4K 60fps was the main feature on the new Apple TV 4K. They work great on that.

Also, if you have this channel, check out the Sports section of the new On Later in the latest pre-release. It has a special row just for upcoming UHD sporting events.

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Yeah, the broadcasts are in HLG.

I personally use video players built into my TVs to watch these broadcasts. Simple DLNA players or Kodi (if you have android tv built in) will play direct from the HDHomeRun and get you HDR.

You don’t get a buffer to pause, but boy does it look amazing in HDR.

I watched all the 4K Olympic coverage via YouTube TV this summer via the app in my TV to get the HDR version too.

Maybe one day Apple will add HLG support :frowning:

The new Fire Stick 4K that was just announced supports HLG, so that’s a good way to watch with Channels I guess.

Dang now I need to get one and try it out.

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Does HLG work on 2021 ATV4K?


Boo!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Hence my explanation about watching via other methods.

The FireSticK4K already supports HLG ...

Video: Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG, H.265, H.264, VP9 Audio: AAC-LC, AC3, eAC3 (Dolby
Digital Plus), FLAC, MP3, PCM/Wave, Vorbis, Dolby Atmos (EC3_JOC), Photo: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP