5.6.5 - slower channel changing?

I recently noticed that changing channels feels slower. I just timed it with a stopwatch app several times, and it's almost exactly 4 seconds.

I really feel like it used to be faster?

I'm on the latest Flex Quattro firmware 20230505, and latest Apple TV OS.

I'm using a 1gbe wired ethernet cable, so wifi not an issue here. Latency to the internet is under 10ms, and much less on the local LAN.

Any ideas here please?

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Which channels? PRIME/Cablecard? ATSC1? ATSC3?

These ones - Freeview HD channels in the UK

Can you submit diagnostics from the app immediately after slow tune

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Thanks - done :+1:

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Any ideas here please @tmm1 ? Any other logs I can provide?

I need HDHR device id to find the diagnostics


Can you make a 30s recording from the channel and share it

Sure - can I attach a video here?

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Yea if it lets you or else email to [email protected]

I need a tuner capture from the hdhomerun

Ok, here it is Dropbox - v101.mpg - Simplify your life


Does this recording help @tmm1 ?

I see the same thing on my setup, I’m using the standalone Channels for HDhomerun app (not DVR). Don’t think it’s for slower recently but has always taken about 4 seconds to tune to a channel.

Apple TV 4K (2nd Gen) tvOS 16.6
HDhomerun Connect Duo 20230719

Please can I ping you on this again @tmm1 - did the linked video help? I'm hoping there's a fairly simple bit of buffer tweaking in the code to rectify this.