5% Border on Pop TV (FiOS/Comcast/DirectTV)


Not sure if this is necessarily the right place to post this, but Pop TV (home to Schitt's Creek and Big Brother After Dark) has about a 5% black border all around the channel. This appears to be fed this way straight from the HDHomeRun and they don't seem interested in the issue as they place the blame on Pop TV. For what it's worth, this border completely disappears when using a cable box from one of the aforementioned providers, because it would seem they are scanning the channel and scaling it appropriately. Is there a way for the Channels app to do the same? It's distracting because the TV's zoom controls don't see the channel as being fed incorrectly. The Channels app (and any viewing app really) send the channel as full screen WITH the black border, so the TV assumes that's correct. Hope my explanation of the problem was clear enough to understand.


There’s an overscan option on the Settings tab. You can try enabling that to see if it helps. That’s likely what the cable box is doing by default as well.


Oops, the Overscan option is only available in the Apple TV app.


Oh boo! Can that be added as a “Unification” of the apps :grin:


Posted on SD site:

POP has a feedback forum at https://www.poptv.com/feedback . Maybe if enough people say something they’ll do something about it


Hi Debbie! I recognize you from the SD site :slight_smile: I did file my feedback. Who knows if they’ll pay attention.


Maybe someone with the Apple TV app can check if the overscan option fixes it. I don’t have that particular channel in my package.

If someone emails a one minute recording from that channel to [email protected] I can take a closer look at the video stream.


Awesome! I’ll get a 1 min recording for you tonight!


Clip sent your way!


Took a look and nothing stands out. I was hoping they had encoded some special flag that tells you it needs to be cropped but no such luck.


Darn. It’s the weirdest thing. Wonder how the cable box knows to do it…


Cable boxes usually crop all channels. You can compare some others and you’ll probably notice they’re all zoomed in a bit.


Ah that’s something I never thought to look for. Thanks!


Just wanted to update you that I guess POP's feedback form worked! I noticed over the weekend that POP is now full-frame on Fios. About time!