805 All Tuners In Use with second HDHR device idle

2 HDHomeRun devices. It seems Channels doesn't know how many tuners each device has and it always tries to record from a device which is already busy and then falling through to the other one which is sitting idle most of the time. Can we avoid doing this and balance the requests better? Not a super high priority.

When recording, Channels tries your devices in the order you specify in the DVR web UI. If an HDHR tuner is not available that is the error message returned, and then the next device/source is tried. How would you propose this be handled instead?

(Remember, because of the nature of SiliconDust's preferred method, an application using their tuners doesn't know the state of a device until it is accessed. This is a deficiency of SD's migration to their HTTP API, instead of their older and more featured UDP API.)

DVR has already 4 connections open to the first device. Trying to open a fifth connection is pointless and there is no way it could be successful. That was the entire point of my post. Not sure how it is possible to miss it. :sweat_smile:

There are no plans to change this behavior.


That's just one of many scenarios.
You could also have 4 other devices (of any type that can access the tuners) using all 4 tuners.
Consider Channels DVR doesn't have exclusive access to the HDHR network tuners.

this is not the scenario being discussed. it is mostly cosmetic as currently the logs are being spammed for no reason with these messages

We can agree to disagree then.

In the future the ability to schedule 4 ATSC 3.0 and 4 ATSC 1.0 recordings on 2 tuners will depend on the order they were scheduled. If all 4 1.0 recordings are scheduled first on the first device there won't be enough 3.0 tuners available for the remaining 4 ATSC 3.0 streams. Sillicon Dust actually makes effort to allocate first 1.0 tuners for 1.0 recordings which seem to be the right thing to do. The solution as always could be - just throw more hardware at the problem - buy another device - and forget about it.

I didn't see you making any claims related to the problem at hand. What do you want me to disagree with you about? :rofl:

I wondered about this too ..

no reason

I can never remember how the DVR handles favorites on lower priority tuners, but isn't the expected behavior that all favorite channels are tried going down the priority list, followed by non-favorites in priority order. In that situation, favorite the ATSC3 channels, and that ought to work for the case of devices with mixed tuners.

Maybe favor the non ASTC 3.0 channels for now may work to get 4 recordings. I will set up a docker just with my ASTC 3.0 tuner and see how it behaves.

From what I have tested so far I believe the HDHomRrun unit handles it quite seamlessly the none ASTC 3.0 recordings were picked up by tuners 2 and 3... If I remember correctly the HDHomeRun tuners handle this properly.

I really see no Problem with the way Channels Handles tuners ...

How many HDHomerun devices did you test it with? The thread is about a case with 2 devices.

I tested with 2 and had no problems. I put the ASTC 3.0 2nd but it had no problem recording a pass if it also aired on a ASTC 3.0. Channel. If the HDHomerun unit receives a request for non ASTC 3.0 it will use tuners 2 and 3 ... then it will use 0 and 1 regardless of stream type. I also have plenty of tuners and never ran into a problem.

I just don't see a problem with the way Channels does tuner selection.

You should schedule 4 recordings on ATSC 1.0 and then see how many available ATSC 3.0 tuners you have. My guess is only 2 so adding 4 ATSC 3.0 streams will not be possible at this point.

The way it works is like this:

It goes through the HDHRs in priority order, starting with the first priority. It looks at favorites first, and if a scheduled pass is on a favorite, it will use that channel, otherwise it will use a non favorite channel. If NO channels are available or all tuners are used, it goes to the next priority HDHR. And then it looks at favorites first... etc.

If you have say two HDHRs and they are pointed at different broadcast towers and have different favorites, the best way to record the channels you want on the HDHR you want is to disable the channels on the first priority HDHR that you definitely want the next HDHR to record (where they are favorited).

The only way to achieve what OP is requesting with the current recording priority method is to disable all but ATSC 3.0 channels on the first HDHR. This will make sure you will always have those tuners available for ATSC 3.0.

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I did that already had the ASTC 3.0 first priority .. Scheduled 4 SD streams and use all the ASTC 3.0 tuners... That is why I have it last with the ASTC 3.0 Channels favored and equivalent not favored in my Quatro.

ASTC 3.0 tuner

That's a shame. It really ought to try all favorites first, and then go back through the priority list on a second pass for non-favorite channels.