A better Case

I pretty much followed Channels direction for building my Pi.
I went with 4gb RAM though didn't need it. But, who knows and why not when it's cheap.

I did end up replacing the case. It just got too hot. If you have a large library that when detecting/importing, and/or watching in a couple places and/or recording .... I saw my temp hit over 70c before I started shutting things down.

I bought this, and it also sits on a latop cooler with fans, along with my homerun, switch, and hard drives.

Rarely gets over 35c now.

Hope this helps. You can find it on amazon or anywhere else, just search for GeeekPi


Nice, but not a fan of exposed fans.... :laughing:

I like and use this case with my overclocked Pi's

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I’m not a fan either. Unfortunately I fall into “the Ooooooohh, gotta gave it” shopper category. Should have researched more as your case is much better.

When I saw almost 75celsius I panicked and didn’t want Roasted Raspberry Pie! :smiley:

I’m just getting into Pi. Last pc I built was an EVGA X58 that I am still using. Raspberry Pi’s pack a lot of punch. Next is to get a new one and fudge around with my Homekit and Ring cameras

Here is a great quiet case that supports M.2 SATA SSD, NO NvME
I have 500 GB Sata in mine. Cool and quiet.


I’ve used that case and was very unimpressed with the drive speeds. At least over the network. Network transfers to the ssd were a lot slower than I expected.

I built that setup specifically to have faster transfers.

I maintain a little Channels DVR Server Pi to use for travel for the kids when we’re offline. It’s a cool setup. Originally I used a large 512gb SD card. I was hoping for faster transfers for prepping it before a trip. It was kind of a let down.

Just my experience.