A couple of Questions from a Noob

Hi to all,
I have a couple of questions maybe you guys can answer.

  1. Right now I am getting my Youtube TV and Philo channels through TVE, if I get a HD Prime will i be able to receive all of my paid for channels?

  2. If yes to above how do i get my two streaming services into the prime unit? do I need a card?

I assume you're talking about the HDHomeRun Prime?

  1. This depends on your provider. Channels can not decode Copy Once DRM'd channels. So you should find out if your provider is doing that. This can also be different per region. What is your provider? Some of them do this at EVERY region, and our community can help tell you right away.

  2. What do you mean by this? With the HDHomeRun Prime, you get a cable card from your provider and use their instructions to pair it with your HDHomeRun Prime. Then add it to your Channels DVR Server and add a lineup. All the available channels will be in your guide next to your other channels.

so is streaming a service such as youtube tv handled different than if i have xfinity cable?
since I am paying for streaming sling can i get every single channel i am paying them for into my channels guide or am i limited to what they have through TVE?
Thanks for the help!

If I understand your question correctly, you cannot get channels from an internet streaming service into the Prime device. That device would only work with actual cable TV providers (like you mentioned Xfinity cable; another example would be Spectrum or Verizon FIOS). The online streaming services don't work the same way - it only comes in via the internet.

So, the online streaming provider would only work in Channels with the TVE apps they provide and actual physical cable TV would work via the Prime with a cable card.

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Cool thanks, that’s exactly what I was trying to ask.

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