A Few Questions About Guide and Channels

I have two questions I wanted to see if someone could answer.

First, when you are scrolling through the guide, and you reach the bottom of it, there is no way up set up for it to then go back to the top of the guide? Because it's so annoying to have to scroll all the way back to the top to go through it again.

And second, when going into the Channels Scanning. And then hitting the edit button, what can I do in here, other then rescan individual channels?

I see they have the channel number with an arrow under it, what does this do? Can I edit the numbers?

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Currently, the guide does not loop back to the top. You will have to manually scroll back to the top. This feature has been requested but to my knowledge isn’t on the radar or maybe low on the priority list. Maybe one of the developers will chime in with an update either way on this. I have 300+ channels on my guide so I feel your pain when having to scroll back to the top.

When hitting the edit button, it allows you to favorite channels, add channels, and remove channels. This will allow you to add channels to your favorites category so only they show up. It will also allow you to prune the channels you never watch (Home Shopping Network) so they don’t show up in the guide.

On which platform?


My guide does not go back to the top on Android, Android TV, and IOS.

This is for all platforms that I’ve used:
-Fire TV
-Web UI
-Android TV

You get to the end of the guide and are required to scroll completely back up to the top. Is it possible to make it loop?