A redesign of the AppleTV interface, made by me

I recreated the TV Guide/On Now interface using a design language and navigation pattern that more closely matches the modern Apple TV apps.

I hope you all like it and get inspired to improve the product in the coming updates. The GetChannels team has my written permission to copy as much as they wish from my work β€” I encourage it!

There are more screenshots that I've posted on twitter, including a light-mode version.

Update: I've now added all screenshots below.

And here's Light Mode


Love this, best part about it is the time remaining status. Should also make selecting favorites easier since the channel logos are much easier to identify.


Neat. I think the original design is a bit dated. Is it possible to share it or would it require recompiling each time an update is pushed through.

PS. the more of that movie thats remaining the better :wink:

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how can we get it?


I am a UI/UX designer. This looks great. Great job!


I like the addition of the clock. :slightly_smiling_face:


The one screen shot I can see looks intriguing. (Can't see the rest. I've Twitter blocked, here.)

With all due respect to the devs: I do know neither my wife nor I much care for the current UI.

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This looks great with the current design tvOS design language. I love how you laid out the tags in the guide and the "Now Playing" info in the sidebar. Big logos and a darker purple background that doesn't clash are also great touches.

If/when Channels gets a UI refresh, something similar to this view could work as a quick guide since it's very legible and info-dense but probably wouldn't function as well with hundreds of channels. I think one of Channels' strengths is the instant familiarity from folks who are used to cable box interfaces but the guide cells could definitely include tags and more info in them besides the title, at the very least.


Love this. I am just getting into changing the TV logos myself and it seems like mostly white is the way to go to stand out in most backgrounds.

I will say I love the current interface too. It’s far ahead of any I have used before.


I prefer the grid in the current interface but would like to customize the colors..


Looks great. I can't see how Channels would object, it still has Barney colors.


I've added more screenshots on the main post.


Very nice. Love the way you provide so much additional information without it feeling crowded. And a sensible integration of the currently playing channel in PiP (or would that just be a description of the highlighted show?) Both would be nice, but screen real-estate is pretty limited.

I do have a question regarding your vision for the On Now tab. Does this tab cover the functionality for both the current On Now and Guide? After using channels for many years, we have finally shifted away from the classic grid view to primarily entering through the On Now. We still use the grid of course for scheduling recordings and looking ahead. But we mostly use On Now or just enter directly from the top shelf.

Personally, I would love to see the On Now combine both live shows and Up Next, somewhat similar to how the TV app (only without the live part). With the guide being a distinct temporal view.

Have you tested this UI? How does it work on an iPhone?
For tvOS it seems like the On Now replaces the grid guide, because they both now have the same function. But the new On Now is a much smaller grid and looks like it makes the collections harder to use.

Did you do this in Swift? Is it an Xcode project? How are you getting the guide data? If it's free to use, can you post the code?

How are you changing the logos?

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Tvheadend imported m3u

I'd love to have an onscreen clock!
Your mod looks awesome, nicely done.


This is awesome! I really like the nice, clean and simple look of the guide you made. Especially the clock, time remaining and logos.

I’m sure that if we all wanted a clock, we already have one.

Looks nice though.

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Appropriate username...