A way to list all Passes and also see Calendar of schedule?

Using ATV is there a way to see a list of all Series Passes and also see a Calendar schedule similar to what is provided in the Web interface?

Yes on the Settings tab you can access your passes and schedule

Newbie here, so be gentle...
While the Settings does show me some info about upcoming recordings, it really is not very useful. I have set a few Passes, one of which should be a news program on this evening, but my 'Scheduled Recordings' shows '0 scheduled recordings'. Shouldn't it show at least the next 'Pass' shows scheduled to record? (I am not really sure what 'Scheduled Recordings' is for, TBH.)
I thought maybe 'Your Passes' would tell me more, but it lists show names and ...that's about it.
What I would like (& have had with previous DVRs) is to be able to check when the next scheduled recordings of my Pass shows are going to happen.
Is there any way to get this functionality?
Thanks in advance.

Please submit diagnostics from your Channels DVR Server web admin. Visit Support > Troubleshooting.

It should show the next scheduled items, its possible that there aren't any.

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Update to prerelease for some fixes related to AUS HDHR data

I upgraded to pre-release (as per suggestion of tmm1), but this did not seem to resolve the issues. I refreshed Guide Data, but still no change (Maybe I should give it more time?)
Anyway, I then went to Support/Torubleshooting, and downloaded diagnostic logs, which I believe are designated

It was suggested I email this info, but thought I'd post here, as you made the suggestion. Should I have emailed?

Hope this makes sense.


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