ABC NBC CBS All these channels on my YouTube TV

I get all the major networks on with my YouTube TV Subscription. They don't seem to come over to ChannelsDVR with all my other YouTube TV channels when I added TVEverwhere. Anybody know why?
Also now it seems that the main network that is having problems with starting and ending times is FOX NEWS!

See What channels are available?

You get a live stream from the CBS website?

Haven't checked that yet! One interesting thing is that when I was using Fitzy I did get the major channels also! Now they wern't my local majors but that did help!

Yeah, He shouldn't be doing that

I want local channels as well. Maybe in the future.

Yes I have an indoor antenna and get all 4 major channels but about once a month ABC get flaskey for an hour or so and then it doesn't get back on my channelsDVR list until I see it has happened and refresh settings. Next step is outside antenna which I would rather not do.

I'm guessing they are just being loyal to Hdhomerun. I'd like to see it also, my NBC streams live and my Antenna is iffy sometimes.

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS are the major broadcast networks. These are called local channels because they are broadcast locally and have different news segments + the schedule is sometimes slightly different. For example, DC CW and Baltimore CW broadcast different shows throughout the majority of the day (mostly just different times).

Anyway, these channels are FREE. You can get them in stunning quality with an antenna as long as you live in/near a populated area.

I think people know that

OK, well point I was trying to make is that TVE is a supplement to the local broadcast networks.

TVE can include local broadcast. My local, NBC and Fox stream live.

Just looked at YouTube TV available in my area and it includes NBC, ABC & CBS (No PBS yet).

(Provider - YouTube TV)

Not sure why you posted that (might be missing something). But you can only get those channels via the YouTube TV App. You can not get then integrated via Channels DVR because Channels does not support TVE Local Channels at this time. But I believe they could. The issue is that not all locations can get them. I just think they should support local channels for customers that can get them via TVE.

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Yes I know but ChannelsDVR doesn't offer it! Wish they did!!!

Thanks for the further explanation.

Now I understand ... It is Channels that is not allowing locals (no matter if they are authorized by IP provider or You Tube, etc...). Originally, I thought devs were disallowing only for Cable transmissions.

I don’t see any reason for disallowing when source is from direct link to providers like YouTube, PSVue, etc.

Perhaps the devs: @tmm1 and @maddox could provide further insight.

I agree with you “Locals” should be added!

Request Poll Allow “Locals” to TVE

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The problem with having the major networks available on ChannelsDVR is that TVEverywhere only offers regional Networks so in my case in Phoenix all the Majors available to me are LA channels, so I wouldn't get any local news and LA is actually in a different time zone! It still would be helpful to me anyway!

We can only provide access to the channels that you can watch yourself in a web browser. For most of the country when they visit or they cannot watch their locals because they are not available.

Like I said before both nbc and Fox stream live for me

That's great for you. You've very lucky. They don't work for me.