Abiliity to send "." via remote

Channels does a great job of allowing direct channel number navigation for live TV if you have an tv remote that supports hdmi control or use a harmony remote with the windows computer source.

Issue: if i want to tune a sub channel there is no way to send "." For instance, if i want to tune to 13.6 i have to press 13, wait for it to tune and then channel up 6 channels to get to 13.6.

I tried mapping the "." key from my sony TV to my harmony remote. It didnt seem to do anything...

Harmony doesnt have a "." in the windows computer source but it does have a "-". Would it be possible to allow that key in channels to be used in direct tuning a subchannel?

Pretty sure - already works

You mean the dash? Ill try it

Ok so harmony doesnt have a dash that is assignable. Do you know what windows computer key is assigned to it?

I would think the sony hdmi "." Would work as well but it doesnt

@tmm1 can you confirm that this is supposed to work? I cant seem to get anything to send a dot for the subchannels.

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