Ability to Exclude/Select Multiple Channels in Advanced Pass


I LOVE the advanced pass feature, and all the offerings it has but I wish the "channel" filters would give you the option to either select multiple channels to record from, or exclude multiple channels so that it does not record from them for a single advanced pass.

For example, I want to record all episodes of a series that airs on MeTV, TV Land, and two local stations. I only want to record the local stations because the quality is better, and they don't "clip" or speed up the ending credits like TV Land does. I don't want to remove these channels totally though because I need them for other recordings.


The way I did that was create multiple passes with different names and used the Title= function... each containing the channel I want to record on.

Criminal Intent Ch780

Channel == 780

Title == Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Thanks for that tip. I guess it is a work around for now, but unfortunately that means Channels won't correctly know what episodes have been previously recorded and which have not. So if episode #1 comes on 780 on January 1st it will record it, but if channel 302 shows it on January 2nd it won't know it was already recorded and will re-record it again creating a mess. Or is it smart enough to figure it out?


I have not seen a-rerecord.


Channels uses the TMSID (is that what Gracenote calls it) to determine if an episode has been recorded. So, wherever it appears in the guide, Channels equates all of those occurrences as the same episode.