Ability to reload m3u playlist on ios

Any chance we could get this functionality?

You mean without having to restart the app :roll_eyes:

Yeah, there's a refresh option in there, but it's not working. We'll get it ACTUALLY working. Sorry about that. I know how useful this is while you're editing your M3Us to get them looking just right for Custom Channels.

Does restarting the app reload the m3u? I usually have to do it from the dvr web interface. No big deal was just curious. Love the app and the work you guys have done!

If you mean reload the URL of the m3u, then yes, you'll need to do that from the web admin.

The URL is refreshed daily. If that's not often enough, you'll need to refresh it manually via the web admin.

It would be great to have the option to reload if file change is detected (when Source set to file). Also reload more frequently may be useful (perhaps hourly) as some providers use temporary token for auth.

Would it be possible to get this extended? Iā€™m running into a issue with a token timeout. Between 1-3 hours would be perfect. I can submit a formal feature request if that helps. You guys rock!


Is it possible to reload the m3u through a command line instead of the web interface?

I want to add my voice to this. If more refresh option can be added (1 hour, 2hours, 3 hours), it will make life easy for some of us.