Ability to setup recordings/passes

It would be nice to have the ability to setup recordings/ season passes from the ios app. Sometimes I remember that I need to record a show and when I do it on the Apple Tv. I lose the live picture while setting it up. It is quite annoying. I love how the iOS app and ATV app are kind of integrated together. This would be a nice feature, too. Even if we still can’t watch the DVR recordings on iOS.

Though a little clunky, it is possible using the dvr web interface from the ios device (of course easier with an ipad than a phone, but feasible for a “one off” “emergency” recording )

All the DVR features will eventually come to iOS


Will that include enhancements to the guide data? 4 hours really detracts from the value the iOS app provides. As it is now, despite having purchased everything Channels has to offer, I still can’t use my iOS device to even check when a certain program is airing, let alone set it up to record. That’s a big hole in integration.

Yes the DVR enabled iOS app will have full access to the DVR guide data.

In the mean time you could visit the DVR’s web UI on your iOS device to access its features.

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I use the DVR web UI regularly. On my iphone I leave a safari tab open to the web UI remote address. That allows me quick access to the Web UI any time home or away. With the day and time drop downs on the web guide it is easy to check the guide for shows that night on the iphone 7 screen. Things are more comfortable on the Ipad, thanks to the larger screen, but my Ipad usually stays at home.

Web UI is a great option until all the DVR features are added to iOS.

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+1 for adding a shortcut to the phone for the web interface.

I have an internal and external link, so I can manage remotely.

You can add your own…

When on Web UI (in Safari), click the box with upfacing arrow on the top line.
Then click + “Add to Home Screen” and Add.

You will then have a Channels icon which will invoke the web ui on Safari.

Oh, that’s what I meant I did and suggested that others do for managing the DVR. I didn’t mean for it to be added to the product.

Wasn’t sure what you meant when reading your post. Alas, hope it helps others!

Also, trying to make up for opening a new rabbit hole :grinning:

P.S. Had a real chuckle when I read your latest entry on SD. Sly :fox_face: