Accessibility Settings

I have 2 feature requests to help with Accessibility usage:

  1. Allow the ability to edit the number of columns in the "On Now" section (change from current 4 column to single column).
  2. Allow disabling the navigation bar in kiosk mode.

Use case for these requests:
On specific TVs for elderly parents living with us, I set up Channels DVR on Android TV. 1 parent is blind and the other has limited visibility. I enabled Talkback on the Android TV so it will read the channels to them as they scroll through the available channels. I set the client to kiosk mode and when I remove everything from the navigation bar the app will not load, so I need to keep at least 1 navigation item in the navigation bar or the client will not load (so I plan to keep ‘On Now’ in the navigation bar).

Also, when Channels DVR app is launched the navigation bar auto expands (I believe this is because Talkback sees text on there to read, which is why I would like the ability to hide navigation bar completely on these clients). I plan to program a button on the remote to take them to the ‘On Now’ guide.

Using the guide view did not work well because Talkback made the selector jump around too much when shows were longer than what was visible on the screen. The ‘On Now’ view looks like it would work best for them, but it would be much easier if I could set ‘On Now’ to be a single column instead of the current 4 column view.