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"Your Channels DVR Server could not be discovered..."

How can I just connect directly to my HDHomeRun?

Can you expand a bit? Did you purchase a subscription to channels dvr? Do you have a server running? There are two apps one is free(whole home) and goes with the dvr service the other cost money in the App Store. If you are subscribing to the dvr service you don’t want to use the pay app.

I paid the $80 for 12 months of service, which it is my understanding includes both the app and DVR service.

I'm not running the DVR server; I'm looking to get the app working.

The DVR service runs on the server. The client will connect to the server you set up to see your HDHR tuner.

Channels DVR Server is not optional.

If you don't need the dvr then you can use the "Channels for HDHomeRun" app instead

If I pay twice, the extra $25, will it work or not?

What exactly is your goal, how do you expect/want to use Channels DVR?
You want to watch TV only or Watch and Record?

Any reason if you want to just watch no recording you do not use the free HDHomeRun app.?

The HDHomeRun app now has a grid guide or slice guide ...

The free HDHomeRun app might work out fine.

I paid for Channels, so I was focused on that, expecting to be able to watch with the Channels app, but that's not working out, so I'm going to go install the HDHomeRun app and see if that one works.

Thank you.

Have you actually been charged yet? I thought there is a free trial period. You may be able to cancel the dvr. You could then purchase the $25 app that is a one time charge and this will attach directly to the hdhr like you are wanting. Or use the free hdhr app. I could never go back to the hdhr app, I feel it is hideous.

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The HDHomeRun APP gets updated constantly not sure about the Channels APP also the HDHomeRun APP plays ATSC 3.0 flawlessly.

"You could then purchase the $25 app that is a one time charge and this will attach directly to the hdhr like you are wanting."

maddox wrote, "Channels DVR Server is not optional."

It was my understanding, during my trial period, and I did not test it, that the app was included with the subscription service, but apparently there is a major difference in what's included in included app versus the $25 app.

I'm going to install the free HDHomeRun app, and hopefully that will work.

Your choices are either to install the dvr server software and use the subscription,

Or cancel the subscription (which is in trial), and purchase the app instead.

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It all depends on whether you want to record or not. To actually record you either need to pay SiliconDust to do it in their app, or pay the ChannelsDVR subscription fee to record and play back with their software.

If all you want to do is watch live TV, the $25 app is what you want, but as I understand it, you can't record or playback recordings with it, only watch live TV.


I'll cancel a later today, and move forward from there.


It's not about whether or not I can record, which is not important at this point in time, the problem is that the subscription app does not play live TV without the DVR server.

The only fixes presented here are:

  1. Go with the free HDHomeRun app.
  2. Pay an extra $25 to access the other Channels app.

"If you cancel now, you will still have access to Channels until the end of your subscription period."

That date is April 1, 2024.

About 50 weeks from today.

How do I cancel today. I'll pay for the month, but this should just work without paying an extra $25.

Yes, that's why I started off my comment with:

It all depends on whether you want to record or not.

The first month is a free trial. When did you pay for it? Cancel it, get a refund, and then just pay $25 for the appropriate app. It's way better than the HDHomeRun app, IMO.