Adaptive streaming change

Trying to figure out what IMPROVED means.
Does this just mean the setting is removed from the dvr web admin UI, so we can't see what it is?
If I had it disabled, will it still be disabled?
If I had it enabled, will it still be enabled?

Guess I could always look at the /settings API endpoint to see.
I'll update one of my four dvrs and take a look.

Yep, was disabled, still disabled according to /settings, but is gone from the dvr admin web UI.

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Thanks for the reply.
I'm just wondering why the setting visibility was removed from the UI.
I can only guess the reason is that it will be defaulted to enabled soon.
One less dial to turn, switch to flip for those that shouldn't be touching the dials and switches. :grin:

It’s been the default for ages. This debug setting was only there to fallback on in case something went bad.

We don’t want anyone using it anymore as it’s not supported and basically dead code now. This prevents people from fiddling with it.

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Thanks for the reply.
I assume you mean the default is disabled?
"transcoder.disable_adaptive_streaming": "true"

Only reason I ask is I don't use remote access/streaming and have no need for it.
If you told me it was DASH and you now use HLS, or something like that, I would understand.


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Understood and Thank You!
By the wording it sounded like you didn't want us to disable it.