ADBTuner: A "channel tuning" application for networked Google TV / Android TV devices

I am testing now and have a mixture of URLs that open channels in YTTV, launch apps like Haystack News and TikTok, and now, some channels via the HDHomeRun app, all via the same original adbtuner container. I'm not sure what you're hoping to accomplish differently by having 2 different containers? Because that's not necessary to make this mixture work.

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XFINITY Stream APP only Runs on the FIRETV's I use this to Capture HBO Showtime etc using URL.

The only DEVICES that Play DRM Channels from my HDHomeRun Primes are Google Certified devices but these do not Support XFINITY Stream

I am limited to 4 Streams using XFINITY Stream. I would like to use My Primes to tune the 5th Stream. That would cover my DRM Channels.

I cannot have the FireTV devices Trying to tune a DRM Channel from my Primes.

I guess one way of avoiding that is to somehow be able to force a particular stream to only use a specific device. I don't know if that can be done or not.

Setting up a 2nd Instance of the Docker did the Trick Just setup 2 ADB tuners in Channels the First one limited to 4 Streams XFINITY the 2nd HDHR one limited to 1 Stream for now ...

I got the extra ADBtuner container going ... and all is working great.

I've been using ADBTuner for a while with the NBC block of channels (and others) mapped to a range of channels just beyond the end of the YTTV TVE ones (7051+) - I wanted to move the channels back to their original TVE mappings, for example, NBC is at 6000, but when I do, I can't get the guide to populate - I just tried moving NBC only to 6000 via the ADBTuner config page - can someone else verify that this is working? Or is there possibly an issue? (Note: I also have the Gracenote Station ID populated for NBC and I am re-loading the m3u file)

my first guess is:

so, hang tight...

Thanks, I had no idea - I picked a really bad time to try this and do a "Delete and recreate database" because now I have no guide data at all...

Me Too lol but I was able to populate using the HDHomeRun EPG.

Does restoring a database file also restore the guide? I have a backup from a few hours ago
Nevermind: update is available...

This is working well for me, such a cool addition to adbtuner. I tested with two ATSC3 channels, of course the DRM on the other two is preventing playback. And so we wait.

I do admire the ingenuity of this workaround and really appreciate your awesome work on this.

Can confirm it was the extra activity on the package that was the problem. I watched it take care of a who’s watching screen tonight!

Perhaps it’s my imagination, but I do find the Chromecasts “tune” faster than the Fire Sticks.

Thanks so much @turtletank !

I have to use Both Firesticks to record of XFINITY Stream APP and Google Chromecast to record of HDHomerun.

I don't know if this is an ADBTuner issue, or a channels issue, but right now I have about 11 channels setup in my ADBTuner, I got a bunch of NBC app channels, and then some HDHR channels. When I go to create channel collections, and you can select a specific tuner and I select the ADBTuner, I only see a few of my NBC app channels, and none of my HDHR channels. If I go to the guide, all the way at the bottom I do see all of my ADBTuner channels, so I don't know what's going on there.

How do you find the speed between the two? I find the Chromecasts faster, but less reliable (as in I've had a couple of times where the app never launches).

Interesting, I see all of mine when I try to create a collection, so there's a bug somewhere!

You probably did this already, but double check that you have the correct package name for the Chromecast version of each app in either the Package Name or Alternate Package Name fields for each "channel." If you don't, that might explain the app not launching at all.

I have found the Chromecast with Google TV devices to be reliable and they are faster than most of the Fire Sticks.

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It all depends on if you have XFINITY Stream then with the Googles you are SOL. As far as speed the FireTV 4KMAX is as fast as any Google TV.... bottom line whatever is useful in your use cases.

Exactly! It's a bit silly to be comparing the speed of older model FireSticks to the latest Chromecast 4K devices.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max has pretty much the same CPU performance as the Chromecast with Google TV 4K. All of the older Fire TV Sticks are noticeably slower.

The 3rd generation Fire TV Cube (current version) is the fastest mainstream* Android TV device you can buy.

*mainstream meaning the mecools and other generic android devices are excluded.


I setup 2 Dockers which is working great ... One for XFINITY Stream (Fire4KMax) and the other for my Homeruns (Google units) working great .... Thanks Again.