Add Cast member if no upcoming shows

I would like the ability to add an Actor even though there is no upcoming shows ... I tried to add

Rebecca De Mornay and I could not add her because they are not on the list.

But come to think of it there are upcoming shows ER for example. Is it because she is listed as a guest star ?

Cast CONTAINS Rebecca De Mornay

That might work if she is starring but not as a quest Star.... but no way to know... it shows no shows schedule.

Yah, if you look at Cast & Crew here
She's not listed.

I was able to add her as Cast = Rebecca De Mornay
See attached:

SageTV had no problem finding her at all ... I guess channels is limited to Starring not guest stars.

That finally worked took a few tries ... I Now have Category Movies with her name stay tuned ...

Channels actually captures more than the main star.
I used Perry Mason TV Series as an example.
I tried Cast = Raymond Burr it displayed 27 airings.
I then tried Cast = Barbara Hale (Mason's Secretary) it also displayed 27 airings

I think Hale is part of the Cast... not a guest star.

OK Edwin. Glad you got it going

Got it working but it is a bit limited ... no quest star checks ...

Yup. No guest stars, unless they are listed in the Summary