Add channel name text to guide in web interface

Request: Add the channel name as normal text below the channel logo in the guide.

I have hundreds of different channels inside Channels DVR. My primary use case is finding content to watch and recording or creating a pass. To do this, I look for a specific channel and then browse upcoming shows. But the guide shows logos for each channel and no text, so I cannot easily search for channels by name. I have no idea what the channel numbers are, because I don't view from the guide regularly.

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Yes please. This would help greatly when crafting Channel Collections too.

Yeah and that's actually when I first noticed it!


Not to mention that many channel logos are designed to be viewed on a black background, so they're practically unreadable on white (as shown in OP's image). For a while I even toyed with a browser extension to change the background color, but that was such a pain.

We can do this, just remember that the channel names are in the call sign format. They aren’t real names.

And as a tip, instead of browsing the guide, click the channel and you’ll see all the programming for that channel. It’s shows, movies, events, and specials. It’s a much better experience.

This has been added in the latest pre-release:

I also implore you to use the On Later feature of channels in the guide to browse content for channels. Just click the channel logo while in the guide and you'll get a very nice overview of all the content on that specific channel.

It's the difference between slowly scrolling the guide row for TBS, vs this:


Awesome, glad you added this!

Is it possible to show the human readable name vs call sign? Or maybe together like “The Station Name (QXYZ123)”? Is there a database out there that can decode these?

Was doing some clean up on my stations and noticed that the "names" come from the Affiliated CallSign and not the GuideName or station ID.

For example:
I have a channel whose local affiliate is KLPD-LD and I have setup as such:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-chno="1050" channel-id="64869" tvg-id="KLPDLD" tvc-guide-stationid="64869" group-title="Manual",KLPDLD

I thought it would come up as KLPDLD in the web guide but instead comes up as "MTNTVD 1050" in the web. Similarly, KWGN comes up as CW, KUSA as NBC, etc.

Is there any possibility to use the station call sign/ID instead of the Affiliated Station Call Sign/ID?