Add Channel to Favorites from the Guide on Apps

I know you can add a channel to Favorites from the ON NOW screen or MANAGE SOURCES, but with so many channels getting added, these ways don't work well anymore.

The ON NOW screen doesn't show the channel numbers so if I want to add channel like #6477, I have to scan through hundreds of icons trying to find the channel I want.
I usually can't find it that way because it takes so long to do it the show I was watching ends before I can locate it and the icon is different.

MANAGE SOURCES doesn't sort the channels by any method I can figure out.
It's not Numeric or Alphabetic, so it takes a super long time to find the channel that way too.

It would be so nice to just have a way to do it on the Guide while we can see the shows coming up.

Like lind the channel, favorite it, enjoy!

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Manage Sources should be sorted by number. What device are you using?

Maybe it's something wrong with my Channels Server (Pre-Release Version: 2023.03.15.1820) or my Guide source ( - but all of my devices show a "scrambled" channel lineup.

Pluto Channels in order of 101, 255, 126, 300, 1212, 870 or 1245, 156, 161, 1890, 2180, 1835

My Nvidia Shield Pro, Amazon Firestick 4K, even on my Windows 10 Pro Server running the Channels Server the shows them in random order.

Left in the photo is from the Shield, Right is the PC Server.

OK, I found a different source for Pluto EPG and now it sorts better, but still..... it would be so much easier/user friendly if we could add/remove Favorites "On-The-Fly" from the Guide.

As it is now, we don't know which source the channel is coming from so sources like Samsung gets mixed in with Pluto unless we force the channels to use different numbers than what we see on the original source...but then we have to remember different channel numbers when using Channels DVR vs the original device.

If Favorites were settable on the Guide, this would be no issue.

Also, some users like to switch up what they consider "Favorites" based on seasons and it would be so much nicer if that could be done at the Guide level.

One example is Sports.
Some seasons are better for watching Football/Baseball/Basketball/Golf/Cricket/Curling/Bikini Mud Wrestling... but other times of year we don't want to see that because it's off season and maybe we want Holiday Channels to be on favorites.

If Favorites were more "User Friendly" and easily mappable using the Guide, it would be useful instead of not worth all the trouble to change.

Am I wrong?

May I suggest you check out “channels collections”. Bookmark the channels server on your phone browser and you can literally add a channel to your new favorites collection in about 10 seconds. You can also type the channel number in, so no need to scroll for days. This will also update all your clients with newly added favs in one shot. You can create seasonal lists as well (for your bikini mud wrastlin). It’s not a good idea to let your different sources channels overlap, this is one reason why you think there is no rhyme or reason under sources. Let channels pick the numbers or make the m3u have numbers that don’t overlap

Thanks for the suggestion, but it still doesn't work as well as a simple "Hold the OK button on the channel name and select Favorite" would work....that would be too simple I guess.

I tried to use Collections, but it only shows a limited number of channels to choose from.

Like I made a Collection and said "Science" because I like channels like Magellan, The Science Channel, Smithsonian and a few other Science based channels but it only finds a couple and only one when there's several in different time zones (example, there's more than one channel for Magellan, but it only finds one of them).

Also, it would be so great if we could just browse through the Guide then say "Hey, that looks like something I might like to watch... I'll just add it to my favorites list!"

As it is, I didn't know they had no interface for the Hauppauge Live TV units when I signed up else I wouldn't have joined up in the first place.

Channels DVR looks like a good concept, but for me, not so much on the execution side.
I'm not going to be renewing my subscription at the end of the current period, so they can just ignore my suggestions on making it more User Friendly.

True, but in the meantime..

Sounds like you made an automatic collection. You can make a collection that you decide what channels are included.

Here is a non automatic collection I made for March madness

It does seem like Channels could use more integration in a lot of areas. It’s a great DVR but it seems like it’s very compartmentalized. If everything was made more seamless and integrated it would be even better than it already is.